2015 Acura TLX Sedan Coming to New York

2015 Acura TLX
Photo from Acura.com


The luxury arm of Honda, Acura, will soon show the world a production-ready version of its next-generation sedan, the TLX. When the 2014 New York Auto Show rolls around in April, fans and automotive critics can be prepared to see the production version of this lauded concept vehicle from a luxury brand that sometimes gets overlooked. However, looking at the concept’s original design, the TLX may turn some heads and attract the attention that Acura so strongly deserves. Continue reading

Honda: Reducing CO2 Emissions with Wind Turbines at Ohio Plant

Photo Credit: Honda
Photo Credit: Honda

In a continued effort to reduce CO2 emissions, a Honda plant in Russels Point, Ohio recently announced that it has finished installing two new wind turbines. The turbines are expected to power up to 10% of the plant’s operations and will offset some of the facility’s environmental impact. Surrounding communities have shown great support for the environmentally-minded project, the first of its kind in the United States.

To the editors of Up To Speed, it doesn’t matter if Honda is actually concerned about its CO2 emissions or if this is just a public relations move – either way it works. The company will look good to conservationists who will love seeing a large corporation like Honda attempting to curb its environmental impact. And by powering up to 10% of the plant’s operations with renewable energy, Honda is also doing itself a favor. Renewable energy sources may present considerable costs upfront, but they can end up saving users a considerable amount of money in the long run – something fiscally conservative shareholders should be able to get behind. Continue reading

Honda: Now Offering Siri Eyes Free Integration in Select Models

Photo Credit: Honda
Photo Credit: Honda

Honda has made a big announcement for drivers who just can’t keep their eyes off of their smart phone while on the road. Now, in select models, like the 2013-2014 Honda Accord and Acura RDX, motorists will be able to sync their iPhones directly with their cars. This will allow them to task Siri (Apple’s voice-activated assistant app) with checking their voicemail, text messages, weather, and more, all without distracting their eyes and hands from driving.

We’ve all heard how potentially dangerous (and socially irresponsible) it is to constantly check your phone while operating a vehicle, but some motorists just can’t put their undivided attention into driving. The editors at Up To Speed commend Honda for attempting to find a solution to the distracted driving epidemic that’s already claimed too many lives. What do you think? Is Honda taking a step in the right direction to keep the roads safer, or are they just enabling a driving culture that refuses to take responsibility behind the wheel? Continue reading

Ford: Focus ST Attracting New, Younger Buyers

Photo Credit: Ford
Photo Credit: Ford

The auto industry has been concerned for years about the buying habits of millennials. On the surface, it would appear that they would rather shell out money for the newest smartphone or cruelty-free tote bag than a masterfully crafted automobile. According to a recent press release from Ford, however, the Focus ST is quickly gaining a reputation as the car choice for young people.

The editors at Up To Speed aren’t concerned about the presumed lack of appetite for cars found in the youth of America. We know the insatiable hunger that we share for all things automotive is alive and well – and the fact that younger, more affluent buyers are showing interest in the Focus ST is a ray of hope for their generation. What is it, though, that is drawing younger drivers to this particular model? Are young people not interested in big, expensive cars anymore, or are they just not interested in what most auto companies are bringing to the table? Continue reading

CarSpecials.com Announces Its Top Five Vehicle Lease Deals for Fall

Photo Credit: Subaru.com
Photo Credit: Subaru.com

Autumn weather hit much of the U.S. in recent weeks, leading the editors at CarSpecials.com to create a list of the Top Five Vehicle Lease Deals for Fall. With popular fall activities in mind, including tailgating, bonfires, and cookouts, the staff researched vehicles that offer proportionally large amounts of cargo capacity and seating, in combination with the best new car deals available. Continue reading

Honda: 2014 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe Offers Sleek Design and Outstanding Fuel Efficiency

Photo Credit: Honda
Photo Credit: Honda

The Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe continues for 2014 as the only hybrid vehicle offered with a manual transmission. Compared to other hybrids on the market, this car has a much sportier look. The manual model is rated at a combined 34 mpg, while the automatic models are expected to get a combined 37 mpg.

While the mileage isn’t competitive with the Toyota Prius, Up To Speed editors don’t think Honda is trying to make the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe a direct competitor to those hybrids. Rather, Honda has created a fun, unique, and sporty vehicle that can achieve great fuel mileage comparative to other sporty coupes on the market. Continue reading

Car-Specials.com Names Its Top Five New Car Deals for August 2013

Car-Specials.com screenshotsThe editors at Car-Specials.com recently announced their Top Five New Car Deals for August 2013. After reviewing current new car deals, financing specials, and cash incentives from the wide range of auto manufacturers featured on Car-Specials.com, the staff has announced its top five specials of the month for new vehicle shoppers.

CARMEL, Ind. – Car-Specials.com is an online automotive marketplace that allows visitors to research the latest national and regional offers on new vehicles from a variety of automakers. By delivering their monthly Top Five New Car Deals, Continue reading

Car-Specials.com Names Its Top Five New Car Deals for April 2013

April Deals of the MonthCar-Specials.com is an online automotive marketplace that allows consumers to examine the latest lease deals, financing specials, and cash rebates directly from automakers, with the option to search vehicle inventories from car dealerships across the country. The editors at Car-Specials.com reviewed incentives for April from all 31 manufacturers featured on the site and selected their Top Five New Car Deals of the Month.

CARMEL, Ind. (PRWEB) April 12, 2013 – According to Car-Specials.com President Roger Laurendeau, the site has added a new dimension to online car shopping by offering visitors an array of unique options to filter their vehicle search. Continue reading