Meet The Most Powerful American Sports Car

2015 Corvette Z06. Photo Credit: GM

This week, General Motors released the official SAE-certified power numbers of the 2015 Corvette Z06, and it’s clear these Chevy engineers wanted to make a statement.

650 hp at 6400 rpm with 650 lb-ft of torque at 3600 rpm.

Only six other cars available in the United States offer more power under their hoods, but each costs more than twice the price of the new Vette. Continue reading

GM Announces New Safety Feature for 2015

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Earlier this week, in support of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Click it or Ticket” public safety campaign, General Motors announced plans to launch a new seat belt assurance system coming as an optional feature in select 2015 models. The system requires the driver and front passenger to buckle up before releasing the shift interlock.

Seat belt use reached 87 percent nationwide according to a report from the NHTSA. The report notes that seat belt use has been steadily increasing across the county since 1995, especially in “primary law states” where a driver can be pulled over solely for not using seat belts. Still, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, young adults (18-24) are the least likely to wear seat belts, and have the highest crash-related injury rates of all adults.

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Chevrolet: Cruze Owners Warm Up Thanks to RemoteLink App

Photo Credit: General Motors
Photo Credit: General Motors

With subzero temperatures and almost constant snow accumulation, this winter has been rough on everyone – and our cars. The Polar Vortex made January a particularly tough month for car owners nationwide. According to a recent press release from General Motors, though, Chevy Cruze drivers with OnStar’s RemoteLink app were able to beat the cold by checking their vehicle’s diagnostics, and even warming up the car’s interior, remotely from their smartphone. The press release also states that in January the innovative smartphone application was utilized by Chevy Cruze drivers more than owners of any other GM vehicle.

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, the editors of Up To Speed find it refreshing to see applications that have nothing to do with cats, pictures of food, or bird-themed videogames. We find it especially refreshing to see more auto manufacturers integrating apps with their products that can help maintain integrity, functionality, and safety. Our cars may not fly yet, but they’re definitely becoming smarter. Continue reading

Buick: 2014 Regal Offers All-Weather All-Wheel Drive

Photo Credit: Buick
Photo Credit: Buick

A recent press release from General Motors brings news that Buick drivers all over the ice-encrusted US are going to find it easier to gain traction. According to the release, the newly redesigned Buick Regal will now be equipped with all-wheel-drive capability. This is an especially welcome announcement, considering we’ve been experiencing one of the most intense winters in recent memory.

GM is quick to announce, however, that the all-wheel-drive capabilities of the Regal aren’t intended only for snowy driving conditions. This advanced system allows for ultimate drivability in wet and dry environments alike. What the editors of Up To Speed want to know, though, is whether or not you would like to see this functionality in more cars like the Regal. With increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, people in traditionally dry or more temperate climes like the South might want to reconsider purchasing all-wheel-drive vehicles that are usually associated with drivers in the North. What do you think? Continue reading

Cadillac: ELRs Now Making Their Way to Dealerships

Photo Credit: Cadillac
Photo Credit: Cadillac

According to a recent press release from General Motors, the auto manufacturer’s Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant has begun shipping the 2014 Cadillac ELR electric luxury vehicle to dealerships throughout the country. This marks a momentous occasion for the plant, which hasn’t produced a Cadillac vehicle since building the DTS from 2006 to 2011.

Since its inception as the ‘Cadillac Converj’ in 2009 at the North American International Auto Show, the ELR has been a highly anticipated release. With classic Cadillac styling and an impressive battery-powered driving range, the 2014 ELR could help evolve the current face of electric vehicles. The editors of Up To Speed are not only pleased for electric cars becoming more stylish and accessible, but to see more and more manufacturing jobs resurfacing here in the United States. What do you think? Continue reading

General Motors: Fuel Cell Equinox Tops 100,000 Miles in Real-World Driving

Photo credit: General Motors
Photo credit: General Motors

Excitement is being felt throughout General Motors, as one of its fuel cell research vehicles hit 100,000 miles of real-world driving for the first time. This 2007 Chevrolet Equinox was part of 119 hydrogen-powered vehicles that were being tested as part of General Motors’ Project Driveway program. The program distributed these vehicles to customers across the United States in areas that had hydrogen filling stations available. Collectively, the hydrogen-powered fleet has logged almost three million miles since 2007.

The editors at Up To Speed believe that this progress in alternative-fuel research is going to shape the future of the automotive industry. As our environment becomes an increasing concern, the shift to hydrogen fuel cell technology is just one more way in which automakers can help reduce our environmental impact. General Motors is currently investing in a Fuel Cell Development Laboratory in Pontiac, Michigan to continue development. Continue reading

General Motors: Chevrolet Offers iPhone Users Siri Eyes Free Integration

Photo Credit: © General Motors
Photo Credit: © General Motors

With the positive customer response of Siri Eyes Free integration in the Chevy Sonic and Spark, it’s no surprise that Chevrolet is spreading this technology across several different 2014 models, including the Chevy Camaro, Cruze, Equinox, Malibu, SS, and Volt. Combined with Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system, Apple’s Siri will allow drivers to make calls, play music, send messages, and access their calendars while keeping their eyes on the road.

The editors at Up To Speed believe this technology is a positive step toward the future of vehicle and driver safety. This system keeps the screen of the device off while using Eyes Free mode to ensure that drivers aren’t distracted by the light or tempted to reach for their phone while driving. As reliance on these devices continues to grow, automotive companies will continue to find new ways to keep the driver’s focus on the road ahead and ensure the safety of every passenger. Continue reading

General Motors: Chevrolet Cruze Launched GM’s Global Sales Success

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
Photo Credit: Chevrolet

The small car trend is in full-swing, and the Chevy Cruze is amongst the top competitors in this growing segment. It appears to be the best of both worlds, combining the amenities of a larger vehicle with the efficiency of a compact car. There is even a Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel model on the market that travels over 700 miles on one tank of diesel fuel. While this model is a bit more expensive, you won’t have to be stopping at the fuel station nearly as often as with gasoline models, which will end up saving you money and time in the long run. With six models on the market, you can find the Chevy Cruze that best suits your needs. Continue reading