Reveals Top Five New Car Deals for May 2014

2014 Chevy Volt
2014 Chevy Volt. Photo Credit: South Pointe Chevrolet

Each month, compiles affordable lease deals, finance specials, and cash rebates from a variety of automotive brands available in the U.S. The editors at analyzed this month’s incentives and named their Top Five New Car Deals for May 2014, which features a diverse selection of vehicles from varied segments of the auto industry.

Carmel, IN (PRWEB) May 09, 2014 – is an online automotive marketplace dedicated to providing visitors with the latest offers from their favorite automakers on a variety of vehicles. In addition, the site provides intuitive search tools for browsing a large database of new and used inventory from a substantial network of car dealerships across the country. Continue reading

Mazda Will Commemorate 25 Years of the MX-5 Miata at NY Auto Show

Mazda Miata
Mazda MX-5 Miata. (Photo credit:

Yes, you read that right: 25 years of the Mazda MX-5 Miata.  For those of us old enough to remember a world without the Miata, it certainly doesn’t feel like a quarter-century has passed since the release of the iconic roadster.  The MX-5 made its debut at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, drawing rave reviews from critics and reviving a bygone era of small, two-seater sports cars like the Triumph Spitfire and the MG B.

No matter your opinion on the Miata (it’s always been a critics’ darling, but is sometimes stereotyped as a “chick car”) you have to admire the diminutive Mazda’s staying power. Twenty-five years is an incredible production run for any model these days, especially considering the fickle tastes of consumers.

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2013 Infiniti G37x
2013 Infiniti G37x (Photo Credit: Beshoff Infiniti)

The staff at compiles a monthly list of affordable lease deals, finance specials, and cash rebates from car brands available in the U.S. The editors at have reviewed this month’s incentives and named their Top Five New Car Deals for February 2014, which include a variety of new vehicles from different segments of the auto industry.

Carmel, Ind. (PRWEB) February 13, 2014 – is an online automotive marketplace that provides visitors with the latest incentives from their favorite automakers on a wide variety of vehicles. The website also offers an intuitive, searchable database of new and pre-owned inventory from a large network of car dealerships across the country, providing users with the opportunity to find a car close to home that fits both their lifestyle and budget. Continue reading

Jeep: Back to Basics with the 2014 Jeep® Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition

Photo Credit: Jeep
Photo Credit: Jeep

In an age of continuously evolving technology in all aspects of the automotive industry, Jeep® is taking a step back from the tech race to give drivers a breath of fresh air. With the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition, the venerable auto manufacturer hopes to give potential buyers a taste of the past fused with modern comfort.

The editors at Up To Speed love it when a universally recognized brand, such as Jeep, reaches into the past and brings back classic styling to make a model fresh again. With electric vehicles and flashy new design concepts on the bound, is this how the old guard of the auto industry will keep their loyal customers? Throwback designs and functionality-themed vehicles could be a great way for manufacturers to stand apart from their tech-driven counterparts. Continue reading

Toyota: Testifying Before Congress on Connected-Car Future Tech

Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota

John Kenney, Principal Researcher at Toyota InfoTechnology Center, testified before Congress recently about research and potential implementation of groundbreaking new technology for the auto industry. Direct short-range communication technology or “DSRC” would allow for drivers to be alerted by their vehicle of hazards, emergency personnel, or pedestrians that may otherwise be out of sight. Although the DSRC technology already exists, bandwidth for such devices is limited, which is the reason Kenney was testifying before Congress on Toyota’s behalf. Continue reading Releases Its Top Five New Car Deals for November 2013

Photo Credit: Hassel BMW
Photo Credit: Hassel BMW

With so many car deals available around the country, the team at compiles relevant, affordable lease specials and finance offers from auto manufacturers every month. The editors at recently announced their Top Five New Car Deals for November 2013, featuring a variety of body styles and price ranges to suit the diverse tastes of car shoppers throughout the U.S.

Carmel, Ind. (PRWEB) November 12, 2013 is a one-stop online automotive marketplace where visitors have the opportunity to look at the latest finance offers, cash rebates, and lease specials from their favorite automotive manufacturers on a plethora of vehicles. A large searchable database of inventory from car dealerships around the U.S. provides users with the opportunity to find a vehicle that suits their lifestyle needs and matches their budget. From compact sedans to wagons to pickup trucks, the search functionality on creates an efficient, streamlined experience for car shoppers. Continue reading

Jaguar: Good to Be Bad with First Ever F-TYPE Coupe Super Bowl Commercial

Photo Credit: Jaguar
Photo Credit: Jaguar

Long associated with the finer things in life, Jaguar has a sophisticated new plan for marketing its new F-TYPE coupe this football season, according to a recent press release. In its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, the venerable British car manufacturer intends to build upon the brand’s association with luxury by focusing on the fact that so many classic (and classy) Hollywood villains hail from across the pond.

The advertisement will feature several prominent English actors (who have played villains themselves) and will make the association that if these brilliant bad guys choose Jaguar, so should you. The editors at Up To Speed know that Jaguar is, without a doubt, a top selection when it comes to luxury cars … but does the company really want to declare themselves the car of choice for evildoers? Could this tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign backfire for the well-recognized Jaguar brand? Let us know what you think. Continue reading

Ford: Focus ST Attracting New, Younger Buyers

Photo Credit: Ford
Photo Credit: Ford

The auto industry has been concerned for years about the buying habits of millennials. On the surface, it would appear that they would rather shell out money for the newest smartphone or cruelty-free tote bag than a masterfully crafted automobile. According to a recent press release from Ford, however, the Focus ST is quickly gaining a reputation as the car choice for young people.

The editors at Up To Speed aren’t concerned about the presumed lack of appetite for cars found in the youth of America. We know the insatiable hunger that we share for all things automotive is alive and well – and the fact that younger, more affluent buyers are showing interest in the Focus ST is a ray of hope for their generation. What is it, though, that is drawing younger drivers to this particular model? Are young people not interested in big, expensive cars anymore, or are they just not interested in what most auto companies are bringing to the table? Continue reading