has semi-exclusive DMAs available nation-wide for franchise car dealers. Depending on the count of competitors in a DMA, as few as one dealership or as many as 4 or 5 may be allowed in a DMA. will not sign up 10 or 15 of the same franchised dealerships in a competitive geographic DMA. We are selecting a few key dealerships to work with, by brand, and then our goal is to maximize our services to our selected clientele.

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Affordable services include:

Inventory Listing Functionality

Very simple…all dealers already work with a third party data feed provider to generate their inventory to send to a variety of online services. Send them an email after you’ve signed up with us and cc us in the email, ask your feed provider to add our secure IP address that we will have shared with you, and let us do the rest from there. Your inventory will be up in a matter of days.

ACT – Ad Conversion Tracking

Make your specials page…well…special. Every dealership’s website we have assessed has three top pages: 1) its homepage, 2) its inventory pages, and 3) its specials page. The specials pages found on most dealers websites are rather lifeless. A dealership spends tens of thousands of dollars a month on advertising, but it doesn’t leverage its own website to advertise its specials to its potential customers, because specials/incentives from the manufacturers are ever-changing. We have a better way. Call us and we will show you! 317-708-4126

Microsites with a Twist

Get all of the power of, but targeted to your best interest. Maybe you want to own or or . Maybe you have a dealership group, and would be a great strategy. Any of these, and more, are possible, and with some creative marketing ingenuity from the folks at, we can create something together.

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